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How to Order ONIC SIM Online Step by Step Guide

Onic Sim Online Online, launched in 2023, is a novel mobile telecom service situated in Pakistan. It stands out as a trailblazing provider offering SIM cards and mobile plans managed exclusively through the ONIC application. Onic Sim is a venture under the ownership of Pak Telecom Mobile Limited, an affiliate of the Government of Pakistan. Step-by-Step Instructions for Ordering ONIC Sim Online

To make an online order, simply follow these straightforward steps:

Visit the official ONIC Pakistan website

Explore ONIC Sim Pakistan’s user-friendly website to discover a diverse range of packages tailored to meet your specific needs. Designed for easy navigation, their website ensures a seamless user experience, simplifying your search for the perfect package.

Browse and Select Your Perfect Package

Discover the perfect plan tailored to your requirements by exploring our diverse range of options. Whether you prioritize ample talk time, generous data allowances, or a balanced combination of both, we have the ideal plan waiting for you.

Please fill out the Online Order Form in its entirety.

After reaching a decision, proceed to the Online Order Form, designed for simplicity and efficiency. To facilitate smooth and prompt delivery, furnish all necessary details along with an accurate delivery address. Registration using the same email ID linked to your Google Play Store account is required.

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

We suggestion a variety of fee choices to provide to your suitability. Select the one that suits you best, and proceed with your transaction confidently, knowing it’s secure.

Relax and Take Pleasure

Enjoy this relaxing moment while you anticipate the arrival of your ONIC Sim card. Thanks to their efficient delivery process, you’ll soon have your Sim card delivered right to your chosen location.

Price of a new SIM card

For the price of just PKR 300, the plan includes the following terms:

  • Validity: 30 days
  • Data: 30GB
  • Minutes: 500 (all networks)
  • SMS: 1000 (all networks)
  • Plan Price: Rs.300/-
  • Physical SIM Price: Free
  • Biometric Verification during delivery: Free
  • Delivery Cities: Karachi, Lahore
  • Delivery: Free

Introducing Our Latest SIM Packages

This network provides a wide range of daily, weekly, and monthly packages for calls, internet, and SMS. Furthermore, its new SIM packages are affordable and come with attractive incentives, specifically designed for promotional purposes.

  • The app is accessible solely to residents of Karachi and Lahore.
  • Access to the app is limited to Android phones.
  • Features such as E-sim and Keep Your Number are currently unavailable.
  • The email address used for signing up on ONIC and Google Play must match.
  • Only debit and credit card payments are accepted during the beta version testing phase.

Upgrade to ONIC App Beta Version

An invitation for beta testing the app on Apple iPhones via Test Flight will soon be dispatched to iOS users. When juxtaposed with Ufone’s pricing of Rs. 2500/- and Jazz’s hefty Rs. 5000/- charge, which lacks transferability, our offering emerges as the most cost-effective eSIM option in Pakistan upon the activation of the eSIM feature within the app. Furthermore, we’ve successfully tested the functionality of a non-PTA phone’s physical ONIC SIM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ONIC SIM:

1. What is a ONIC SIM?

A ONIC SIM is a SIM card issued by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) for Pakistani expatriates. It allows them to stay connected with their homeland while abroad.

2. How can I get a ONIC SIM?

Pakistani expatriates can apply for a ONIC SIM through the OPF office in their respective country of residence. The process usually involves providing necessary documents and fulfilling certain criteria set by the OPF.

3. What are the benefits of a ONIC SIM?

ONIC SIM offers various benefits, including affordable call rates to Pakistan, access to local Pakistani networks, and special packages tailored for expatriates.

4. Can I use a ONIC SIM in any phone?

Generally, ONIC SIM cards are compatible with unlocked GSM phones. However, it’s essential to ensure that your device supports the frequencies used by Pakistani mobile networks.

5. Is a ONIC SIM different from a regular SIM card?

Yes, a ONIC SIM is specifically designed for Pakistani expatriates and offers unique features and benefits tailored to their needs, such as discounted international calling rates and special packages.

6. Can I use a ONIC SIM in Pakistan?



In conclusion, ONIC Pakistan offers a seamless online ordering process for their SIM cards, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Pakistani expatriates. With user-friendly navigation and a variety of packages, customers can easily find the perfect plan for them. The affordability, convenience of delivery, and range of services make ONIC SIM cards a compelling option for staying connected with Pakistan, whether abroad or within the country.

How to Order ONIC SIM Online Step by Step Guide

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