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How to produce a Blog on Blogger? ( 5 Easy way)

What’s a blogger? Is it a free platform? How to produce a blog at blogger? And that’s our content for moment.

Blogger is a free of cast blogging platform via Google. Numerous people extensively use the blogging platform because it’s possessed by Google. Since it’s possessed by Google.

It has tight security. It isn’t easy for hackers to hack websites in blogger. You be able to acquire Google AdSense easier linked to further platforms.

5 way to produce a blog on blogger

Step 1 Go towww.blogger.com and subscribe in there

  • The first step is to go towww.blogger.com and subscribe in with your Gmail explanation, you will acquire a sign-in selection at the top right angle of the display. In case, if you do n’t have a Gmail account, you can produce one by clicking then.

Step 2 Choose a name for your blog

  • Once you have inked in toblogger.com, also you can produce a blog. The first step to creating a blog is to choose a name for it Title. For illustration – BlogHeist, payUOC etc.

Tap on Next.

Step 3 Choose a URL for the Blog

  • URL is a web address for your blog, you can add a web address for your blog, and check if it’s available or not.
  • Check if your blog address is available. If you formerly have a custom sphere you can set up your blog with that. If you wanted to buy a custom sphere also use the ensuing service.
  • Namecheap (They give you custom disciplines starting at 0.88$)
  • You do not need to use a custom sphere. So, You be able to remain your blog aimed at allowed at the BlogSpot subdomain. You can set up a custom sphere whenever you need it.

Step 4 Confirm your display name

  • The last step is to confirm your display name(name that appears on the top of your blog), just confirm your display name and valve on Finish. So, That’s it you have successfully created a Blog, the coming step is to write blogs.

Step 5 Add a Post on your Blog

  • After creating a blog, you will be diverted to the Blogger dashboard, which looks like the image over. Then you have options to post a blog, design your blog, choose themes, layout, etc. Once your blog gets monetized you can also see your earnings then.

Click on New Post to article a blog.

  • By clicking on Stats, you can see your blog performance, like callers, prints,etc.
  • You can tap on commentary to see if anyone has reflected on your blog.
  • Once your blog gets monetized, you can tap on Earnings to see your profit.
  • Tap on runners to produce blog runners like – About, Contact & sequestration Policy etc.
  • Still, you can click on Layout If you want to change the layout of your blog (arrangements).
  • To change the theme of your blog, valve on Themes, and elect from hundreds of free themes.
  • Incipiently, valve on Settings, to change the time zone, author name, and other settings of your blog.

How to Post a Blog on Blogger

  • Once you have created a BlogSpot website, now it’s time to post a blog on your website. Furthermore, Follow this step- by- step process, to produce your first blog on blogger.

Step 1 – Tap on New Post

  • As you have created your blog, go to the dashboard and valve on the New Post icon, on the top left wing- hand side, and you’ll be diverted to the advertisement runner.

Step 2 – Add Title to Your Blogpost

  • Now, add a title to your blog post, the title is an important part of a blog because it’ll appear whenever someone searches for your blog. thus make sure it’s SEO optimized and free from grammatical miscalculations.

Step 3 – Write a Blog

Now write a blog post.

  • To make effects easy for you, write a blog post in Composite view, to go to compound view, valve on the pencil icon, you will get two options – HTML View & Composite View, valve on Composite view.
  • To change sources valve on the ‘A’ icon
  • To change sources size valve on – the ‘TT’ icon
  • Give a title by tapping on ‘Paragraph‘ For illustration, give a title before starting a content, and write a paragraph underneath. It’ll make your blog post look better, and hence increase readership.
  • You can tap on ‘B’ to the make textbook bold, valve on ‘I’ to make it italic, and valve on ‘ U ’ to accentuate.
  • Tap on the Inset link icon, to fit any external link elect a textbook & Copy Paste a link.
  • You can also fit emojis, vids, images, etc on your blog post.
  • Tap on the further icon( three- fleck) to see further options, like adding a number list and a quotation for the blog.

Step 4 – Post a Blog

  • The final step is to post a blog, and it’ll be live means anyone can see it on the internet!
  • Still, there are some styles for posting a blog, you should n’t directly post a blog. Then are the features to effectively post a blog to increase viewership

Post Settings

  • While, Under post settings, you can see markers and publish dates. So, Markers help your blogs to discover fluently internally, you can produce a marker to help people fluently find it, for illustration, if you’re writing a blog on Instagram, in the marker write Instagram and other effects you mentioned in the blog.


Further, Now see Links, Under Links, you’ll get three options – Permalink, Title Link, Enclosure Link
Permalink – URL of your blog, for this you’ll get two options – Custom & Automatic, tap on the Custom link and create an easy and short permalink for your blog. However it should not be dissimilar as of your heading. FYI, you cannot add space in the permalink, you have to use this symbol (-) instead of space, without brackets.
It is not required to increase Label links and Inclusion links, though, they take their individual use.

Locations & Search Description

You can add a location to your blog post and a search description, in the search description you can add a short summary of your blog (less than 160 words)


  • In options, you get options, whether you want to allow the reader of this blog to comment or not.
  • While, Condition you need persons to mention on your blog, blow on – Allow Comment
  • If you don’t want people to comment on your blog, tap on – Do not allow, hide existing

Custom Robot Tags

  • It is recommended to leave robot tags on default.
  • As robot tags are for search engines, so if you have changed the default settings, you can face some problems in ranking.

Step 5 – Tap on Publish & Confirm

  • Lastly, just tap on publish and confirm!

How to Change to Theme of Your Blog

Once you have created a blog on Blogger, you’ll get a simple default theme. Though, you be able to modify the theme of your blog, which is informal on Blogger, hence now are the ladders to modification the theme then modify your blog.

Step 1 – Go to blogger.com and tap on Theme

Go to blogger.com, sign in to your dashboard, and click on the Theme option.

Step 2 – Select a Theme

Now, roll downcast and you will get many themes, you be able to select a theme allowing to your blog. After you take certain a theme, tick on the situation, and you will acquire three selections Preview, Modify, and Apply. You be able to hit on showing, to get in what way it will appearance after relating.

Step 3 – Tap on Customize or Apply

  • After viewing the theme, if you have liked it and want to see that theme on your blog, tap on Apply. The theme will get live on your Blog, you can view it by clicking on the preview.
  • However, if you want changes to your Theme, and want to customize it, you can tap on Customize. After tapping on Customize, you’ll be redirected to Blogger Editor, here you can change – Background Image/Color, Font, and Text Size, you can even add Gadgets.
  • FYI – If you don’t like any of the themes in Blogger, you can upload your own theme also. Simply go to blogger.com > tap on Theme > tap on the drop-down arrow near Customize button > select Restore > tap on Upload. Then, you can upload a theme from your computer, and you can download a Blogger theme from soratemplates.com

Here’s How to Check If Your Blogs are Visible to Search Engine

If your blogs aren’t visible to search engines, no matter how much effort you make, they will get wasted. As it is not observable to hunt trains like Google, and that is why you won’t overgrown and you won’t grow opinions.

  • Hence now is in what way to square if your blogs stay noticeable to the search engine.
  • Go to blogger.com
  • Tap on Settings
  • Scroll down to Privacy Settings
  • In the privacy setting, there is an option – Visible to search engine
    Make certain the situation is ON, if it isn’t pin it ON
    If your blogger site isn’t getting views, you should definitely check this setting

FAQs – How to Create a Blog on Blogger

What is Blogger & Blogspot?

Blogger and Blogspot, both are platforms owned by Google. While Blogger is a publishing platform, where one can post blogs, Blogspot is a root domain, which everybody gets who makes Blogs on Blogger.
BlogSpot stands an allowed subdomain, by way of you do not have to fee for the BlogSpot domain.

How can I add a Favicon on Blogger?

  • Favicon is a logo for your blog, which will be displayed wherever you want to display the logo, here is how to add a Favicon – Go to blogger.com
  • Tap on Settings
  • Scroll down a little bit, and tap on Favicon
  • Tap on Choose Files
  • Select an image that stands in a four-sided figure and fewer than 100 KB
  • That’s it tap on save

How can I add a Gadget on Blogger?

Gadgets are like features for your blogs, which you can use to enhance the usability of the blog. Here are the steps to add a gadget on Blogger.

  • Go to blogger.com
  • Tap on Layout
  • Tap on + Add a Gadget (Under Sidebar)
  • You be able to improve a device since the gradient
  • That’s it tap on Save to implement changes.

Can you make money on Blogger?

  • All process of creating a blog is free, seeing that you might be thinking can you make money on Blogger. Technically, yes, you can make money on Blogger by enabling AdSense.
  • But you aren’t a website at Blogger, you’re a subdomain, although you can still make good money, in the future, you have to build your own website.
  • In the beginning, Blogger is an excellent option for starting blogging and making money!
  • Now, you consume positively bent your Blogger blog by this seminar.
  • Now, you necessity to grow transportation to your blog. Going on with paid preferment at the start of your blog is not optional. So, I will suggest you follow the free methods for traffic.


This article helps you in the technical aspect of how to create a blog at blogger. However, to increase the viewership or monetize your blog, you’ve to be consistent. Blogging is adventurous you’ll learn a lot.

Choose a blog topic, which you feel you are passionate about, and more importantly, be consistent and learn from your actions.

BlogHeist is an open library for all of you, at every step of your blogging journey, this site can help you. From starting a blog to start earning from it, we have covered everything, just search for it.

Let me know down in the comments, what you’re going to blog about.

How to Make Blogger

How to Make Blogger

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